Selected Works

The following are selected works from my portfolio. I hope you enjoy learning a little more about my creative process!


Expedia Search Concept

Rethinking the search experience on Expedia's mobile site.



A New Tool for Data Visualization

The following is a Framer prototype I built and designed to test a new tool for creating data visualizations.  This beautiful tool allows user to customize their workspace with a very unique modular design. 

Tags: Sketch, Framer, Prototyping, Testing


Designing COVR was a great learning experience. I was the first and only designer when I arrived at this small startup and I sure made plenty of mistakes. Join me as I talk about things we learned along the way and how we used failure to find success.

Tags: Startup, Failure, User Testing



A New Way to Search with Tags

Companies store thousands of datasets in Domo. Keeping them all organized is a challenging task. See how tons of data is organized with this new redesign of the Domo datacenter, as well as how we used tags instead of folders to help surface what the user wants to see.

Tags: Search, Prototype, Tags

Making 5 Experiences 1

Domo connects to over 1,000 data providers. Finding a way to integrate with all of them while keeping it simple was a great challenge. See how we did it here.

Tags: Domo, Prototype